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Fiberglass Pool Repair
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Fiberglass Pool Repair

Welcome to Fiberglass Pool Repair by Frank and is designed specifically for Fiberglass Swimming Pool owners. I am a specialist on installing, repair and gelcoat fiberglass liner on swimming pool Fibeglass Pool Repair by Frank now provides the highest quality fiberglass paint, called gel coat, required to refinish your fiberglass swimming pool. No matter what condition your fiberglass pool or fiberglass lined pool is in now, it can be restored to its original watertight integrity and beauty.

Fiberglass Pool Repair Services including

please call and we will come out to give you a custom estimate.
Our Service Agreement Includes:

•Vacuum Pool as needed
•Brush Tile, Walls, Floor, & Steps as needed
•Check Equipment
•Leaf net the top of the pool
•Clean the skimmer basket and pump basket
•Chemicals checked and balanced
•Brush the tile line
•Clean &/or backwash filter 1x per month
•Leave note detailing work done

Call today for free estimate at (617) 968-0621

Call us if your pool needs help. We get the job done properly, quickly and for a price you can live with.

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